Hello, my name is Mohammed Shifreen, a full stack web developer with over 6 years of experiences in a wide range of developments including freelancing. I'm from Sri Lanka and currently living in Qatar.

My primary stacks are PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

I'm good in frameworks such as Yii, WordPress, jQuery, Bootstrap & UiKit.

I do have experience in SEO, Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, Adsense, Json, XML & Jekyll.

Simple Story

Simple Story

Since 2011, I have joined in a web development company called Incitomedia as a data entry operator and then I had a chance to try web designing and development and that opportunity made me to become a successful web developer and help me to continue my journey into the web development field.

Initially I started my development with PHP and WordPress then I moved into the framework such as Yii. And I started to use Yii Framework continuously and become so comfortable with that and I use Yii for web applications till now and I use WordPress mostly for blog based websites or landing page websites like company profile etc.

This is my simple story that says how did I grow up in the web development field. I've been actively involved in the web developing & designing community for the last 6 years and therefore I know the all the possibilities nowadays in the field.

Professional Skills


Communication is important because it helps everyone to talk the same language.


I like to do things in an organization, because I know how the importance of organization.

Project Management

Project management will help me to stage and schedule the tasks. So I can stick to the time frame.

Team Collaboration

The team work is important, I like to help others and like to learn from them.


I like simplicity because I hate complexity. Therefore I love to do things in a simple way.

Quick Learner

I like to learn new things and I have the ability to learn it quickly.

Programming Skills


I like cutting edge codes and I write codes that can be understandable by anyone. I split multi lines of code into separate functions and make it more organizable codes.


I believe the term development is very important for a project. I do some researches before start my development to choose the right way for the job.


Well, I'm not a creative designer. But I love good designs. I'm comfortable with Photoshop and Illustrator. Therefore I craft my design from the mock-ups to implementation.


I understand the importance of documentation specially when I work with a team. Because the documentation will help each others to understand the coding.

Are you looking for a web developer for your next or ongoing project?

Are you looking to hire a web developer for your company?

You can consider me because I'm open for contract and available remotely. I work primarily with Yii on the back-end, jQuery on the front-end and MySQL for the database but I'm willing to try new languages or frameworks.

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