How did I create my website for free?

Creating a website is not easy, isn’t it? but by the developer community and the technology is made easy. Yes, the developer community helps other developers to create free static websites for the purpose of the portfolio, blogging, projects and organization sites with their open source contributions. Yes, for free, that’s good, right? That’s the power of open source.

Okay… Let me tell you little secrets, yeah, maybe secrets ;) that how did I create this website for free. But you may think about hosting where you can host your website for free. It’s also possible with Github Pages.

Introducing my blog

I’m warmly welcoming you to my blog!

I’m a Web Developer and being more than 6 years in the web development industry with hands-on experience in various types of projects personally and officially. I’m interested in writing, tech posts from my experience which inspired me to create a website. So here it is, writing my very first post as an introduction to my blog.

I have plenty of experience using the Yii Framework and WordPress and therefore my most of the posts that I have planned to write belong to those categories. I have several experiences in Yii and Yii2 based app developed from scratch to deploy. I have used WordPress in several projects including news websites, corporate websites, landing pages and sometimes for static websites. And more I’ll write about Jekyll, GitHub Pages and other general things about web development.